Human Resource Design Studio

Chris Cooper, Marketing & Design Director

For the past 25 years, I’ve worked in almost every aspect of the Industry: design, merchandising, production, and sales. 

In 1992, I graduated from Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science (now Philadelphia University) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design and an Associate’s Degree in Chemistry. 

In 1992, I joined the House of Field under the direction of world renowned design icon Patricia Field, gaining a strong foundation in cutting edge design. In 1995, I joined Fashion Overseas Bureau, under the direction of Allen Friedman. As an Associate Designer, I mastered the private aspect of the industry. In 1997, Salmore Import Export recruited me as Design Director to launch the new license Phat Farm Boys which was an instant success. In 2005, I joined Global Clothing Network as Merchandise/Design Director. I created the brand Overdrive and D97, which was featured in Nordstrom. In 2010, I opened my design studio Human Resource Design Studio (www.humanrds.com), which is a hub for young designers and the source of our unique talents.

Design Responsibilities: 

Designer is available to participate in key appointments and contracting models. The energy and soul of the product will wash over the BUYER. I am deeply in touch with the TREND and understand IDENTITY in great detail as it is a critical part of any presentation.

What we do STEP BY STEP:

• Identify and target markets: Junior Men’s, Young Men’s, Girls, and Boys

• Shop domestic and Europe for inspirational styles to develop

• Create social media assets

• Stills, animated GIF’s, and short video clips

• Sample design and multiple collections throughout the year

• Tech packs and review of production samples

• Logo and brand main label hang tag design

• Visual sales follow-up: CADs and revised sample tech packs