Hello ! 
This is a look at the Boscovs in Scranton PA , 
This store was opened as part of a resurgence of the down town section.It was slotted as one of the 2 anchor stores in the new Steamtown  Mall ,Unfortunitly the other anchor store “The Globe Store” closed shortly before the opening of the mall. 
Boscovs still dose good business in this location. 
A look at the floor and you a see very well organized deep breath of product. Merchandise is organized in small shops of trend idea. You know instantly what you are looking at. 
The stand out in the store for me was on page 7 in young mens section the printed sweater fleece. Sweater fleece as a base for all over print is amazing!  You get a very unique end look , and I can see a wide range of the type of print you can use. 
While many fabrics are leveraged between size ranges to hit minimums, you don’t get a feeling of duplication because styling gave each size a special look. 
They are very deep in joggers in young mens and boys. 
Girls covered a lot of trend , but one section that stood out was page 22 for sort of a “hippy chick “ look with sweater dusters, vests, and textures..Very cool ! 

I hope you find this useful ! Have a great day !