Boys trend is a unique part of the retail business, there are many levels of customer.

the look will follow young mens to a degree, but design must adapt special color and features to the boys product.

there is a much wider range for the designer to have fun with this product.

There are several trends to be addressed for this coming fall, and in the next few posts I will cover a few,

the first is a solid staple to any boys collection , that is Camo !  Military influence is constant at boys retail,  weather it is true military translation or even modern digital war games, it all has an influence on fashion,

in this grouping you can see core, along with laying, and even woven, Camo is an element to the group , but not everything is screaming camo.  Colors I have chosen are traditional and soft.  We do see a trend for odd and bright colored camo in the market , but that would be covered in a street grouping.