Any Designer will tell you that one of the Biggest Trends Today is STREET FASHION. It is a response to the fast paced world, where the next Trend happens as fast as the click of a post. The Fuel for this Trend is Social Media, Music and Social Icons. PRINTS are: New Camo’s, Washed tie Dye Looks, Gio’s, and New Colored Florals

COLOR: In Color you find Two very different Pallets. The First, and more Dominate is Bright, Clear, Primary Color. A separate grouping in this aria is the strict Black and White story. The Next Color Story is Soft Pastels, Neutrals, Faded but Clean.

Styles Include: The Hoodie, Windbreakers, Track, The Polo, and The Crew Sweatshirt. Tapping, Striping, Blocking are key Components.

Boys follows the same, with a little more Fun to the look, Comic Insperation, merged with Bright Color and Hand losing Graphics.